A valued part of The Smith Family

SA Telethon Home Lottery

This year VIEW Clubs supporting The Smith Family has been invited as one of 23 charities to participate in the TelethonSA lottery.

TelethonSA is an iconic South Australian brand proudly supporting South Australian Charities. Over 60 years they have raised over $30m for a wide range of participating charities.

Lottery is open to all VIEW members in all states from Friday 5 March to Sunday 20 June.

Tickets are $10 each and purchases will be handled online at the lottery’s website. 

Purchase your tickets at: https://www.telethon.com.au/charity/the-smith-family-sa/

The prize pool value $656,000 with first prize being a Melisi Projects Home at the Square at Woodville West with a $20,000 voucher from Tase Furniture (RRP).

Early Bird Prize – New MG Core2 (valued at $17,000). Early Bird Prize purchases close on Sunday 16 May.